Lloyds Bank

DM and email campaign to engage and convert new, big businesses to Lloyds Bank.

A quick quiz, with a Lloyds branded coin – to scratch off answers, helped business Directors reevaluate their bank. A highly effective gimmick that appealed and disrupted in a crowded market. Followed-up by an email reminding potential new businesses that Lloyds can provide they need and deserve.

For those that didn’t receive the DM a supporting email campaign ran in tandem, a tease email was sent first to attention grab, followed up by the Q&A and CTAs leading business to the site to receive a call back.

Designed to be bold, clear and easy-to-use for time-stretched Directors, the DM closely followed branding guidelines, using a confident colour palette, clean lines and classic typography styling.

Skills: Design, artworking & retouching